Installing Remote Start, Choke & Stop on your Generator for under $40.

I can think of many times while I was camping that I wished I had a remote start on my camping generator like the more expensive RVs and Generators did, but I had a Predator 3500 Generator, which was an economical choice for my needs but with very good performance. Well this article is going […]

Short bed 5th Wheel Towing – How I saved over 200 lbs in Payload Capacity and saved over $1000!!

If you have been thinking of getting a 5th wheel tow vehicle, especially a short bed, a 5th wheel hitch, or a new 5th wheel RV (Recreational Vehicle), this important information is for you! The biggest question that comes to mind when considering any of these purchases is ” Do I need a slide hitch”? […]

Upgrade your Back-splash with Tic Tac Press & Seal Tiles

Great Do It Yourself DIY project on how to upgrade your backsplash with Press & Stick Tiles.